Crisis Skylight

This is a video we made for The Place to promote the ballroom dance classes which they organise at Crisis Skylight for homeless and unemployed. 

Alien Abductions

Ever wondered why Jews don't eat pork or what a Bar Mitzvah is? Well fortunately for you, orbiting Earth at this very moment, the alien survey ship “Pantheon” is abducting people to collect data about their belief systems. Rabbi David is beamed into the interrogation chamber to answer questions about Judaism.  

Working with TrueTube we made a raft of films illustrating the central beliefs of five major religions. These films are designed to be used as part of RE lessons in schools to give Key Stage 3 pupils a greater general understanding of the central beliefs of Judaism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism.

Edinburgh Centre For Cell Biology - Drop In Days

While working with the Wellcome Trust on our film about public engagement we also made this film for the Edinburgh Centre For Cell Biology. We went along to one of their drop in days at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. The day was great fun for all the family, offering people the chance to use microscopes and generally learn a little bit about the history and structure of those things we are all made from, cells.

English Heritage

This is a film that we produced under the direction of A Different Drum Production for English Heritage. We filmed, edited and added graphics and it will be seen by teachers across the UK to show how English Sites can be used to educate children about their local area as well as a number of other areas within the syllabus such as creative writing, group collaboration and evaluating geographical evidence. 

The graphics are intended to give a handcrafted feel without being too prominent so it playfully breaks up the information to the audience.

Haiti Activist Profiles

In April 2012 I visited Haiti to find out more about the cholera epidemic and to get a better understanding of the country itself. While I was there I thought I would put my video camera to good use and spent some time with a few locally led organisations there.

(Society of Providence United for the Economic Development of Petion-Ville)
Madame Rea Dol, the cofounder and Director

(Sant Kominote Altenatif Ak Lape)
 Daniel Tillias, the Program Director

For more information about SAKALA and how to support the fantastic work they are doing please visit

There will be more videos to follow.

David @ Handsome Pam

True Tube

We produced the following two films for True Tube following the theories of Gordon Lynch, Professor of Theology at the University of Kent. It is intended  to encourage debate within the classrooms of young people at Key Stage Level 3.

True Tube is a charity funded company that uses video to engage and encourage ethical discussion for Key Stages 3 and 4 within schools.

"What Is Sacred?"

What does society believe to be of unquestionable value and importance? What do we think of as simply natural and right?

This is film to explain what "Sacred" means in a contemporary society, produced for True Tube following the theories of Gordon Lynch, Professor of Theology at the University of Kent. It is intended to encourage debate within the classrooms of young people at Key Stage Level 3.

"Is Nature Sacred?"

It's obvious that nature is good. Natural food, natural flavouring, natural colour, natural cosmetics and natural childbirth are all wonderful things in the eyes of most people.

This film examines the different reasons that people have for believing Nature to be sacred. It might be because they believe that Nature is intrinsically good. It might be because they want to protect humankind. It might be because they attach religious importance to nature and to humans as stewards. It might be because Nature represents a return to Eden and a less complicated, less corrupted time. It might be because we have been nurtured by nature. Or it might be a mixture of some (or all) of these.

The Wellcome Trust

This was a video which we made for the Wellcome Trust to celebrate their 75th Anniversary. We had a splendid time learning about natural brilliance and knocking about with fantastic scientists. Hopefully we will see more projects with the Wellcome Trust in the near future!

"Wellcome Trust 75th Anniversary Engagement"

The Alzheimer's Society

The British Heart Foundation

Snack Attack

Living With a Heart Condition

Active With a Heart Condition

Newly Diagnosed

Ready Made Vs. Homemade


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